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Dopamine Quiz

Are You Ravenous for Dopamine?

Score the following:
[0-never, 1-rarely, 2-sometimes, 3-frequently, 4-always]

1. I feel that I’m not getting enough of one or more of the following: adventure, excitement, new or stimulating life experiences.

2. When I feel blue, my idea of a lift might include one or more of the following: action movies, adventure sports, loud music, screaming, hitting something, acting out, gambling, spending lots of money, or casual sex.

3. I crave coffee, energy drinks, soda, sex, cigarettes, cigars, hard liquor, or beer.

4. I crave fatty foods; foods that are new, adventurous or spicy; or foods that have stimulating textures, such as crunchy chips or salty popcorn, especially when I’m in a bad mood.

5. I don’t mind things being out of place.

6. I often procrastinate or show up late.

7. I have gravitated toward jobs that involve risk-taking, competition, and high stakes.

8. I often find myself working with large groups of people and usually enjoy it.

9. I isolate myself and don’t like reaching out when I’m in a bad mood.

10. I want things when I want them.

11. I’m not a detail-oriented person.

12. If I haven’t reached my goals, that’s not my fault.

13. People would say I make impulsive decisions.

14. I have trouble listening.

15. I often wonder what’s wrong with other people.

16. I can’t finish things.

17. I have trouble staying asleep.

18. I have lost interest in things I used to find pleasurable.

19. I like adventure and change.

20. I would rather say what I mean, even if it means hurting someone else’s feelings.

21. I have trouble concentrating.

22. I feel bored.

23. I have low energy.

24. I feel restless.

25. I feel hopeless.

26. I find myself crying or tearful.

27. I feel generally dissatisfied with life.

28. I use prescription stimulants in a way I know a physician did not intend,or use illegal activating drugs (cocaine, crystal meth, speed, steroids), or ephedra/ephedrine-based workout or diet formulations.

29. I have a history of depression, bipolar disorder, or ADD/ADHD. (If no, score this item 0; if yes, score this item 4.)

30. I have favorably responded to ADD/ADHD stimulant medication, ADD/ADHD non-stimulant Strattera, or to the following antidepressants or their generics: Cymbalta, Effexor, Pristiq, Remeron, or Wellbutrin. (If no, score this item 0; if yes, score this item 4.)

Add up your scores for items 28, 29, and 30.
Total (from boxes 28, 29, and 30 only): _________
Now, multiply this number by 3.
X3 = _________ (A)
Add up your scores for items 1-27.
Total: ______________ (B)
If you are a man, put a 5 in box C
If you are a woman, put a 0 in box C _____________ (C)
A + B + C = ___________ (D)
Your score:


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