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Are You Hungry for Serotonin?
The first step in solving the problem is identifying the problem. If we can find out what is missing from your life, then we can also figure out what we need to add to your life, so you can get the serenity, hope, and peace you deeply crave. Once we target these underlying emotional issues through booster foods and activities, you may be relieved to discover that your battle with food no longer feels like a constant struggle. So let’s take that first step and find out what’s going on with your brain chemistry. Take the following quiz to find out whether you, too, are hungry for serotonin.


Get the Full Picture
Whatever your results, please don’t stop here. You might also be ravenous for dopamine. Whether you score high or low on the serotonin quiz, check out Chapter 5 to make sure you’ve gotten the fullest possible picture. You need both scores to choose the version of Diet Rehab that is perfect for you.

Are You Ravenous for Dopamine?
Just a quick look at the mammoth portions in U.S. restaurants should be enough to tell us that, in addition to being serotonin-starved, many of us are also dopamine-deprived. Why else would we chase high-fat foods in the form of fatty red meat, fried foods, high-fat desserts, and snacks such as chips? Why else would we consume so much caffeine? Why else are the airwaves full of ads for energy drinks and caffeine pills? We’re all exhausted, rundown, and sleep-deprived-and our eating habits show it! Many of us are stretching ourselves to the limit trying to work a full day and raise a family. Increasingly, we are anxious about layoffs, shutdowns, and other economic threats, and we’re all under pressure to work around the clock, as well as to expend enormous energy parenting our children. Some of us are working jobs we don’t enjoy or feel trapped in situations that drain us. Dopamine deficiency is the result-and craving fat, caffeine, and perhaps also sugar is the consequence. Once again, to solve the problem, we must identify the problem. So take a closer look at your dopamine levels by taking the following quiz.


Get the Full Picture

Make sure to take both the following quiz and the one in Chapter 4 to see whether you are starving for just serotonin, just dopamine, or both. Your individualized 28-day Diet Rehab plan will depend on your own personal brain chemistry, so make sure you’ve gotten all the facts.

If your scores indicate you are SEROTONIN or DOPAMINE deficient (or BOTH!) please continue on the journey to help manage those levels in constructive ways. A full Program is outlined in Dr. Mike’s book, Diet Rehab and you may also benefit from high quality nutraceuticals such as the BOOSTER supplements available here. Please seek the guidance of your health care provider before starting any lifestyle-altering program, including changes to your diet and exercise, to ensure you are properly addressing any underlying physiological or emotional issues.


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