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Most Women Want More More Sex In 2017, Survey Says, So Here’s How To Make It An Adventurous Year

With 2017 just around the corner, many people probably have their New Year’s resolutions in mind. Some may want to get in shape, others may want a better job, but as it turns out, a majority of women also have sex goals they intend to reach in the new year. According to a new survey conducted by reproductive health app Kindara, 71 percent of women say they want to have more sex in 2017.

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11 Disagreements That Might Be The End Of Your Relationship, Because Some Fights Are Hard To Come Back From

Disagreeing with your partner is never fun. You might argue, say some mean things, and give each other the cold shoulder for awhile. But usually, everything ends up being OK. Some arguments, on the other hand, are definitely worse than others. And a few can even lead to the end of your relationship.

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Don’t Break Your New Year’s Resolution Because of Your Partner

How’s that New Year’s resolution working out? More importantly, how’s it impacting your relationship?

Psychotherapist and relationship expert, Dr. Mike Dow, says sometimes setting new goals can set even the strongest relationships up for disaster:

(Dr. Dow) “All of a sudden, you have this goal, and maybe you are resenting your partner because you really want to lose three pounds this year and even though you’ve changed your ways, your partner isn’t and you feel like he or she is sabotaging you every step of the way.”

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8 Amazing Things You Learn From Sober Dating

When “Let’s grab drinks” feels like a natural follow-up to “Hi, how are you?,” saying it’s difficult to navigate the world of dating while sober is an understatement, despite the fact that it’s estimated that about 30 percent of all Americans don’t consume any alcohol. While some are in recovery, an increasing number of women are going sober as a wellness and lifestyle choice. Still, there’s something daunting about the idea of dating without cocktails—for better or worse, booze can be an ally when it comes to awkward moments.

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