Dr. Mike has hosted several hit television series, served as a go-to expert in relationships, brain health, addiction and mental illness, and can currently be heard weekly on Hay House Radio’s The Dr. Mike Show. Dr. Mike is featured in the articles below.

Can The Secret to Happiness Be Found on Your Plate?

Everyone knows that eating unhealthy food can make you gain weight, but what you might not know is how much it can affect how your brain works.

In fact, bestselling author of Healing the Broken Brain Dr. Mike Dow says that for most people, “there’s nothing that affects our brain more [than food].” He breaks down four key areas where food comes into play.

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I Had a Stroke at Age 10 and Was Supposed to Spend the Rest of My Life in a Nursing Home

When I was little, my life was a piece of cake. I loved to read and play soccer and hang out with my friends. I enjoyed playing the bells at church each Sunday. And I actually looked forward to school. My goal in life was to become a doctor like my dad, and I hoped to have a large family of my own someday. It seemed I was on the right track to achieve those goals—until my life took a turn for the worse.

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Congratulations! Dr. Mike Dow was featured in the “Life” section of the July 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The feature entitled, “Cosmo’s Survival Guide to Living at Home” included tips on how to break the news to your partner that you are living at home. The feature stated, “At some point, he’ll swing by your place- and wonder how you can afford a three- bedroom with a two-car garage. It’s time to come clean with specifics. Say: ‘Just FYI, I’m staying at home for a few months to help pay down debts.’ Adding a time frame helps emphasize this is temporary.”

Cosmopolitan Magazine was created in 1886 to help contemporary women achieve their goals and live fuller lives. Features cover a broad range of topics including beauty, health and fitness, fashion, relationships and careers. Uses a unique approach, presenting points of view and honest advice much like women would receive from a friend. The magazine has a circulation of 3,011,848. (Ad rate is $214,795.00 USD). Twitter:

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